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The apartment is located directly on the city limits of Landshut, in a quiet residential area. Doctors, pharmacy, supermarkets and the city bus stop can be reached on foot in a few minutes.

Immediate connection to the A 92 motorway and some federal roads.

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A modern spacious and luxurious great living space with a state of the art fitted kitchen. The kitchen includes the following appliances:

1.- Bosch refrigerator
2.- Siemens oven
3.- Siemens microwave oven
4.- Induction cooker with hood
5.- Dishwasher

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A modern bathroom with bath and rain shower. The bathroom has a built-in washer-dryer that belongs to the apartment.

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A small but very fine separate bedroom with a window to the loggia.

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A large loggia, which can also be used as a “winter garden” and can therefore be used all year round. It also offers the ideal place to enjoy the sun a little in summer.

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The apartment has a spacious (10 square meters) and absolutely dry basement compartment. The basement compartment has an electricity connection. The house also has a bicycle storage room with separate access, as well as space to dry laundry.

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Enjoy the large, well-kept, quiet and relaxing communal garden.

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The residential complex has 62 parking spaces that are available free of charge for the residents of the complex.





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What else you should know

Address +

Please note your new address:

Ahornstr. 69
84030 Ergolding


Tutorials +

For using the kitchen appliances

Use of the induction cooker with extractor hood

Cleaning the filter of the induction cooker with extractor hood

Dokuments +

Click here to download the Energy Performance Certificate.

House rules +

House rules of the homeowners' association Ahornstraße 61 - 69 in Ergolding

In order to form and maintain a trusting household, all residents of the house must show consideration for one another and treat the common property carefully and appropriately.

Each owner is therefore responsible for the common property. He is therefore not only obliged but also entitled to inform the owners or other residents of the house rules or to demand compliance with them. It is only possible to maintain ownership if all owners stick together and work together. In this sense, the present house rules determine the following in detail:

I. Cleanliness in the house

1. Rubbish and any type of rubbish may only be emptied into the bins designated for this purpose. Bulky goods are to be shredded and also thrown into the bins. Bulky goods that cannot be shredded must never be stored next to the garbage cans or in the garbage can area. Each resident is responsible for removing bulky items.

2. Objects that cause any kind of odor nuisance may not be stored in the basement. The cleaning of the shared rooms, stairwell, cellar corridors, etc. is carried out or arranged by the person engaged for this purpose.

3. The residents themselves are responsible for cleaning the doormats in front of the individual apartment entrances, as well as cleaning the outside of the apartment doors. Only standard doormats may be placed in front of the apartment entrance door. In the event of a change of residence and the associated moves - particularly applicable to rented apartments - the apartment owners concerned are responsible for cleaning the stairwell and other communal rooms caused by the move and for repairing any damage in these rooms. Contamination that goes beyond the normal level, even if it was caused by visitors, children, suppliers or pets, must be removed by the owner or occupant.

4. Carpets, mats, upholstered furniture, beds, mattresses and other items may not be cleaned in the stairwell, down by the window or on the balconies. Cleaning may only be carried out in the designated areas and only on weekdays from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. and also on Friday and Saturday from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. Relevant restrictive provisions of the responsible local authorities remain unaffected.

5. Waste, liquids, rubbish, cigarette butts and the like may not be emptied or thrown out of the windows. Shoe cleaning over the balcony railings is not permitted.

6. Dog owners are obliged to keep their dogs on a leash in the housing complex at all times and to have their needs taken care of outside the housing complex. Every dog owner has to ensure that the residents of the house are not disturbed and that there is no impairment or damage to them. residential complex takes place.

7. The owner or apartment occupant is responsible for cleaning the windows and basement window shafts in the basement compartment.

8. The basement compartments are to be cleaned regularly by the users, the floors are to be wet so that the dust nuisance is prevented. The cellar compartments are to be set up in such a way that neighboring cellars are protected by e.g. B. Leaning larger objects are not impaired in their use.

II. Order in the house

1. Flower boxes may only be taken outside of the balcony cladding after consultation with those living below.

2. Objects of all kinds in the windows and on the balconies are to be secured in such a way that they cannot fall down.

3. It is not permitted to leave objects of any kind, in particular bicycles, prams, trolleys, etc., in the stairwell, in the corridors and in the basement corridor. Bicycles and prams may only be parked in the rooms provided for this purpose in the basement. Motorcycles, including mopeds, may not be stored in the basement or in other rooms of the residential building.

4. The attachment of individual antennas is not permitted. In order to avoid interference with radio and television reception, every owner is obliged to use only the antenna connection cable provided. The management or the caretaker can provide information about the required make.

5. The use of the washing machine is at your own risk. For safety reasons, children are only allowed to stay in the laundry room when accompanied by an adult.

6. It must be ensured that the front door always falls shut. The doors to the cellars or storage rooms must be kept locked.

7. All residents of the house must ensure that all communal facilities are treated with care. Residents who violate this must pay for the costs incurred. Above all, care must be taken to ensure that water consumption and electricity consumption in the basement rooms and in the stairwell are kept to a minimum. Objects that could cause a blockage may not be thrown into the toilets.

8. Company notices or advertising signs may only be affixed with the written consent of the administration. In the event of removal, the administration can repair the affected area at the expense of the owner and have it restored to its previous condition.

9. Defects and faults in communal facilities and systems (e.g. communal antennas, elevator systems, washing machines, etc.) must be reported to the caretaker or manager immediately. Under no circumstances should attempts be made to correct errors in self-help, as experience has shown that this leads to further damage.

10. Every owner has to ensure that when moving in or when renting, there is a uniform signage on the bell button, on the mailbox and at the apartment entrance.

III. security and tranquility

1. All residents of the house are asked to ensure that only known people can enter the house when operating the door opening system.

2. The Administrative Advisory Board can request through the property management that an existing tenancy, lease or sublease be terminated if there is an important reason, e.g. B. repeated violation of the applicable house rules or other regulations. The owners are obliged to make the provisions of these house rules part of the rental contract. The apartment owners are personally liable for compliance.

3. The owners and their visitors must behave in such a way that the neighbors are not disturbed, especially at night, within the apartment, the stairwell, the property, the parking lots and on the balconies.

4. Radios, televisions and loudspeakers of all kinds must always be set to room volume. Making music with musical instruments is to be restricted to the time from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. and from 3 p.m. to 10 p.m.

5. Grilling or cooking on the balconies is prohibited because of the associated odor nuisance.

6. The use of the bathtub after 10 p.m. should be done out of consideration for the other residents - I will not do so.

7. The cylinders of the security locks must not be oiled, otherwise they will gum up.

8. Loggias and inner balcony walls should be designed as uniformly as possible.

IV. Outdoor facilities

1. The green and planted areas are to be protected. The creation of wild paths for shortcut purposes must be avoided. Ball and team games in the green areas are prohibited. Driving on the paths and green areas with motor vehicles is not permitted.

The maintenance of the garden is the responsibility of the caretaker. A change in the garden design by individual co-owners may not be made without the consent of the property management.

2. Cars may only be parked in the spaces provided for this purpose. Cars that are not roadworthy may not be parked on the parking spaces belonging to the facility. Washing cars and carrying out repairs on cars etc. inside the property is prohibited.

V. General

1. The person responsible is fully liable for damage resulting from non-compliance with the house rules or other reasons. The caretaker and the administration are responsible for ensuring that these house rules are observed.

2. Individual points of these house rules can be changed by majority vote during an owners' meeting.

VI. Structural changes

1. Structural changes to the common property (e.g. balcony cladding, satellite systems, conservatories) that go beyond proper maintenance/repair may only be carried out if there is a resolution to this effect by the owners' meeting.

2. Installation of awnings

The assembly of awnings is approved in compliance with the following specifications:

integration into the uniform appearance of the entire building; professional installation on the balcony ceiling above; the balcony width must be observed, as well as a projection of 2.00 m over the balcony parapet. In the event of deviations, the above applies under point 1. All resulting costs, follow-up costs and maintenance costs are to be borne by the respective apartment owner.

Landshut, May 28, 2014

Parking +

The residential complex has 62 parking spaces that are available free of charge for the residents of the complex.

According to the house rules, parking cars is only permitted on the designated parking spaces. Cars that are not roadworthy may not be parked on the parking spaces belonging to the facility. Washing cars and carrying out repairs on cars etc. inside the property is prohibited.

TV +

The additional costs include the costs for cable television. The box for TV and radio as well as sockets are in the hanging cupboard. There is a cable duct on the wall through which you can pull the necessary cables for the TV.




Lighting +

Three independent power rails from Fischer & Honsel were installed in the living room. The three rails are switched independently and are dimmable. The lamps that match the track system can be relocated as desired and additional spotlights and lamps can be added provided they match the track system.

Please click here to download the Fischer & Honsel catalogue.

Lamps for spotlights in the living room:

OSRAM LED-Reflektorlampe, Warm White (2700 K), Sockel GU10, Dimmbar, ersetzt Reflektorlampen mit 35 W, 3,70 W, LED SUPERSTAR PAR16, Abstrahlwinkel 36¬į

Please click here to order a replacement.

Bulbs for hanging lamp in the living room:

OSRAM LED EEK Tropfenform, Warm White (2700K), Sockel E14  6.5 W = 60 W Warmweiß, Dimmbar

Please click here to order a replacement

Lamps for spotlights in the bathroom:

OSRAM LED-Reflektorlampe, Warm White (2700 K), Sockel GU10, ersetzt Reflektorlampen mit 80 W, 6,90 W, LED STAR PAR16, Abstrahlwinkel 120¬į

Please click here to order a replacement.

Lamps for spotlights in the bedroom:

OSRAM LED-Reflektorlampe, Warm White (2700 K), Sockel GU10, Dimmbar, ersetzt Reflektorlampen mit 35 W, 3,70 W, LED SUPERSTAR PAR16, Abstrahlwinkel 36¬į

Please click here to order a replacement.

Smoke detector +

Alarm Silence
Once the smoke alarm has detected smoke and switched to alarm mode, you can silence the alarm for a minimum of 5 minutes and a maximum of 15 minutes by pressing the test button. The smoke alarm device then resets itself automatically and returns to normal operating mode. If there are still smoke particles in the air, the smoke alarm device switches back to alarm mode. WARNING: Before attempting to silence the alarm, always identify the cause of the alarm to ensure the situation is not hazardous.

Low Battery/ Peace of Mind
When the battery is low, the smoke alarm device indicates this with a repeated beep and flashing for a period of approx. 30 days. WARNING: This smoke alarm uses a non-replaceable battery. Replace the device as soon as possible when this warning message appears! The low battery audible alarm can be silenced for ten hours by pressing the test button. The smoke alarm device is still functional in this mode and is able to detect smoke.

Error reporting mode
If the smoke sensor does not work correctly, it switches to error reporting mode. Try cleaning the smoke alarm (see Maintenance section) or replace it! If the buzzer does not work correctly, the device switches to the buzzer error reporting mode. In this case, please contact the manufacturer immediately or replace the smoke alarm device.

Night mode
This smoke alarm has an automatic night mode. In dark rooms, the LED signal is dimmed to avoid disturbing the night's sleep.

Maintenance This smoke alarm device is equipped with a self-test mechanism. We recommend manually testing the smoke alarm at least once every three months using the test function. The beginning of a loud beep confirms that the smoke alarm is working properly. Due to the volume of the alarm, ensure you are always at arm's length from the device when testing. If the smoke alarm does not generate an acoustic signal, it must be replaced immediately!

Clean the smoke alarm device from dirt, dust or deposits at least once a month. Use a vacuum with a soft brush and vacuum all sides and covers of the smoke alarm. Do not remove the top cover of the smoke alarm to clean the inside. Do not attempt to repair this smoke alarm. If the smoke alarm device shows a functional defect, it must be replaced!

Troubleshooting: False alarms are often caused by dust or fumes

Click here to download the smoke alarm user guide.

Wireless heat cost allocator +

You can see all the important values in the display ‚Äď similar to electronic heat cost allocators. The additional radio plus: The reader does not have to enter your home, you remain undisturbed.

Click here to see the user manual

Paint and Varnishes +

Color for interior walls (living room and bedroom as well as ceilings):

Mipa Titan Volldecker Rapidweiß

Color for walls and ceiling of the loggia:

Mipasan Silikonharzfarbe FE

Varnish for wood (apartment door):


Black matt lacquer:




Fuse box +

The fuse box is located on the wall of the dishwasher and has the following switches (from left to right):

0.- Main switch
1.- Electric stove
2.- Electric stove
3.- Electric stove
4.- Washer dryer
5.- Light
6.- Light
7.- Water heater kitchen

There is a separate circuit breaker for the basement. This is located by the electricity meters. The electricity meter is in the basement (seen from the stairs on the right, in the first room on the right) The key is hanging on the left next to the entrance door. It has the number: 27015. The current electricity supplier is √úZW Energie AG.

Garbage disposal +

Please pay attention to the waste separation. The compartment for residual waste is on the right side of house number 69 - next to the garages. You can dispose of paper waste in the bins provided for this purpose at the parking spaces.

Click here to download the 2023 Waste Calendar

Click here to find the waste calendar for additional years

Recycling center / waste collection point Ergolding +

Sportplatzstrasse 19
84030 Ergolding

Click here to find out more about opening times

Types of waste:
CD's and DVD's without cases
scrap iron
bulky waste
Electrical appliances
paper and cardboard
green waste
mixed plastics
small amounts of rubble
small amounts of sheetrock, glass wool, mineral wool
Old clothes, old shoes
Fluorescent tubes (no light bulbs = residual waste bin)
energy-saving lamps
dry batteries
Car batteries

Refurbishment +

The residential area has been energetically renovated.

2002 Installation of a gas central heating

2014 Energy renovation:

Hydraulic balancing of the heating
Full thermal protection of the outer facade
Installation of new plastic windows.
Installation of new staircase windows.
Renovation of the house entrances with new front doors and mailbox system
Renovation of the flat roof with full thermal insulation
Thermal insulation of the basement ceiling

2019 painting of the staircase and the banisters

2022 Renovation of the apartment

Renewal of the water pipes
Renewal of the electrical wiring
New bathroom
New tiles
Newly plastered and painted
New doors
New kitchen
New lamps

Municipality of Ergolding +

Markt Ergolding
Lindenstraße 25
84030 Ergolding
T: 0871 7603-0

Emergency numbers +

Emergency doctor: 112
Police:                          110
Fire Department:    116
Medical on-call service: 116 or 117
Pharmacies in emergency service can be found here

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