Ahornstraße 69

Floor Cleaning

If you want to clean the floor easily, you should first avoid dirt. Dirty street shoes should therefore be taken off in front of the front door. This is especially true in winter, when grit, sand or road salt can be carried into the living room. Since the floor is a comparatively sensitive natural stone, the basic cleaning should be done dry with the help of a soft broom with natural bristles. Street brooms, on the other hand, are not suitable because they damage the marble. Although cleaning with a vacuum cleaner is convenient, it should only be done if it has a soft bristle attachment. A soft microfiber cloth is recommended for wiping.

If the dirt is a bit heavier, dry cleaning is not enough. Here it is important to use little water to prevent limescale deposits. Depending on the severity of the dirt, clear water with a dash of stone soap is sufficient. For streak-free cleanliness, you should also use a short-pile microfibre mop. It is important that only suitable stone soaps and stone cleaners are used. Products with an almost neutral to slightly basic pH value between 7.0 and 8.5 are ideal. Both caustic and strongly alkaline cleaners attack the marble.

The following cleaning agents and household products should never be used:

alkaline cleaners
detergents containing surfactants
care oils
classic limescale cleaners

If you want to be on the safe side before wiping, test your wiping water with the help of pH test strips. Regardless of which agent is used, it must first be tested on an inconspicuous area. If the result is perfect, the tiles are cleaned with the cleaner diluted in water according to the instructions. The floor must then be wiped once or twice with clear water to remove residue. The same applies here: Less water is more.

After thorough cleaning, the tiles should be protected against renewed dirt by impregnation. Unlike maintenance waxes, good impregnating agents do not create a film on the surface that will dull the marble over time. Instead, the surface of the marble tiles is protected from the inside. Since the impregnation only lets water molecules through or even has a lotus effect, marble tiles are all the easier to clean later. Nevertheless, oils and other dirt should be removed from floor panels as quickly as possible. Depending on use, the impregnation must be repeated every 3 to 5 years.